Website: paid-surveys-at-home.comPaid Survey at Home Review
Price: $68 (with discounts as you try to leave the site)
Support: Helpdesk
Owners: Patricia Johnson
Overall Rank: 30/100

What is Paid Surveys at Home all about?

If you are wondering if Paid Surveys at Home is a scam or is it legit, you are at the right place.
Paid Surveys at Home is basically a middle man program whereby you pay to join a membership and then they would provide you with a list of companies who are looking for regular consumers to survey. It provides people of all experience levels an opportunity to make money at home through market research. In other words, you get paid simply for giving your opinion!

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Book ReviewsI love books! I’ve been a bookworm since young and I like to recommend books to friends. Book reviews have been on my mind for quite awhile and I’ve been catching up on my reading after I received a Kindle for my birthday.

I intend to write at least 1 book review per month, focusing on business, personal development, personal finance, technology and productivity. I hope it would be helpful to you.

This is going to be a really short post but I hope this heads up will get book lovers excited about it. If you have recently read a great book, do leave me a comment with the title! Or if you have a book you want me to do a review on, do leave me a comment too.

Spy Visit ReviewWebsite:
Price: $1 for a 7-day trial, $12 (basic) – $97 (enterprise)
Support: Email
Overall Rank: Highly Recommended

What is Spy Visit all about?

Have you wondered why your website is not converting visitors into buyers?

Or have you ever wanted to find out how your visitors are engaging with your website?

I have good news for you. Now you have a legit and accurate way of doing so with Spy Visit. Now you can spy on your visitors and know exactly how they are engaging with your website. Most importantly, find out if they are clicking on the links you want them to click on and converting into customers.

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IncomeJane Success Stories

Hey everyone,

I am kicking off my niche sites success story series on the blog with inspiration from Doug Cunnington. I love to read the series on his blog and decided to “borrow” his idea and share the success stories of people I have met. Some questions are pretty similar and of course, I have sought his permission to do so. Thanks Doug! :)

To start off this series, I have invited Colton, a full-time affiliate marketer, whom I have been following for a couple of months in Wealthy Affiliate. His story is pretty inspirational and it shows  that niche sites still work! So, enough of my rambling, let’s move on to the interview.

Latest update: Colton had a $10,000 month in December 2015! 5 months after my interview with him! Congrats Colton! Click here to read his blog post about it.

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