Chris Farrell Membership IntroductionWebsite
Price: $4.95 (1 week trial) then $37/month or $297/year
Upsells: $297 or 3 x $99
Support: forums & support team ticket system
Owners: Chris Farrell
Overall Rank: 8.5 out of 10

What is Chris Farrell Membership (CFM) all about?

Chris Farrell Membership is a community-based Internet Marketing training program created by Chris Farrell and launched in February 2008. Chris Farrell Membership is for those who want to learn how to make money on the Internet and who are not afraid to put in some time to learn and take action. Chris Farrell revamped his membership program in mid 2014 and some of the older reviews might not be as relevant anymore.

So who is Chris Farrell?

Chris FarrellChris Farrell is a respectable and very successful Internet Marketer. Chris began online in 2008 without any previous experience and managed to scale up his business very quickly.

In August 2010, Chris made a whopping $1 million in sales in 24 hours.

From 2011 to 2014, Chris Farrell Membership was voted by IM Report card as the number one Coaching Program in the Internet Marketing industry.

Chris is originally from London, England and now lives in Beverly Hills, California with his wife and their four dogs.

TL;DR Review

Chris Farrell Membership is a legitimate Internet Marketing Course for affiliate marketing. This step-by-step course is one of the best in the market for beginners. You will need to put in the time and effort, and follow the lessons to make your site work.

The training and tools provided in the course is worthy of the money paid and the support team is prompt in their replies. However, please note that you might hit the ceiling in terms of your education really soon as the CFM does not provide much advanced training material. However, if you are interested in list building and email marketing, CFM is the way to go.

What training does Chris Farrell Membership provide?

Chris Farrell Membership BenefitsThe Chris Farrell Membership is structured as follows:

Core Content – The Core Content section includes ’10 Minutes To Success’ and ‘I Love Traffic’ which will allow you to get started immediately on your website. These 2 courses

’10 Minutes To Success’ is a step-by-step guide to help you get started. The over-the-shoulder style videos makes it easy for beginners to follow and understand without all the technical jargons. If you follow the guide closely, you will have a nicely done up site by the end of the course (31 days to be exact).

‘I Love Traffic’ has 15 videos on the various ways you can drive traffic to your site, for example, forum marketing, Facebook marketing, guest blogging and etc.

Some of the methods that Chris teaches in the course is slightly outdated. He focuses on building a one-page website or ‘squeeze page’ with an email sign up form, exactly what he did with his own membership page. You are then supposed to promote products to the email list that you built. He did not say anything about building niche or authority sites which can rank nicely on search engines. With just a one-page website, it’s very hard to rank in search engines because of the lack of content.

Guest blogging is another method Chris teaches to drive traffic to the your website and it no longer works as well as it used to be since Google updated their algorithm. You can check out Matt Cutts’ blog (head of Google’s Webspam team) in January 2014 where he talked about the death of guest blogging because it was becoming more spammy.

Money Making Lab – In the website revamp, Chris included this new section to his training program. Every month a new ‘Money Making Lab’ is added to this section. The Money Making Lab provides monthly content on hot topics such as ‘how to create a video’, ‘how to create a webinar’, ‘Facebook Ads’ ‘how to create a membership site’ and etc.

Chris Farrell Money Lab

Chris tries to conducts short Members’ Only Webinars weekly on key topics such as Facebook Ads explained simply.

On top of the various sections mentioned above, Chris has a section on Specific Skills where you can pick up the skills and knowledge on specific topics you are interested in. Some of the topics include choosing a profitable niche, how to cloak affiliate links, understanding Facebook, creating an e-book, and etc.

Tools that are provided?

Chris Farrell Membership has a couple of tools that are pretty useful.

1) CFM used to provide free hosting for all paid members but now, he only offers free hosting for annual membership. Free hosting is an awesome bonus and it will help you save some money on hosting. Every penny counts right?

2) CFM lets members use the OptimizePress Lite theme for their sites. OptimizePress is a popular paid theme that email marketers use. In fact, my first affiliate marketing coach (whom I regret learning from), a super affiliate with scammy tactics, uses OptimizePress. CFM has a video course that teaches you how to use and setup OptimizePress lite so you won’t be lost in the woods.

3) Another website creation tool that CFM provides is LeadPages. Chris claims that LeadPages is the easiest way to create a website but you have to pay $37 per month or $197 per year to use it. It is a huge investment for a beginner and there are other FREE options of building a website. LeadPages provides free domain names ending with and free hosting for your LeadPages website. Likewise, CFM has a video course that teaches you how to succeed with the use of LeadPages.

What support is provided?

There are 3 ways to get support from Chris Farrell Membership.

Chris Farrell Support1) The Support Desk – The support team set up by Chris is fairly responsive when you create a ticket.

2) The Knowledge Base – In the knowledge base, some of the technical frequently asked questions will be listed. However if it is CFM related, most of the FAQs will be listed in the members’ only forums.

3) The Community Forums – The forums are fairly active and you should get a reply rather quickly but that depends on how active the forum is when you post your question. However, the community forums are definitely not as active as the discussions and live chat in my #1 recommendation.

The Pros & Cons

The Pros

  • Awesome step-by-step, over the shoulder, professionally done videos
  • Open about the expenses needed to apply his strategy (hosting, domain name and autoresponder)
  • Free unlimited hosting for annual membership
  • “Done for you” websites for the technically challenged
  • Community forums that provides some form of support
  • Fairly detailed training for list building and email marketing
  • Easy to cancel as links are prominently placed
  • Chris does not hide behind fake emails and anonymous names

The Cons

  • Slightly outdated training
  • Video-only welcome page that forces readers to provide an email address to get more information (Not my preference as it reminds me of scams.)
  • Lack of advanced training material
  • Upsells… and other product promotions

What’s the price for Chris Farrell Membership?

CFM offers a low-priced 7 day trial for $4.95. Subsequently, you can choose to pay $37 per month or $297 annually and take advantage of the 33% savings. The annual membership also includes free hosting services that the monthly membership does not provide.

In the revamp, Chris’ Mentor Me program ($997) has been replaced with the ‘4 Week Fast Track’ at $297 or 3 x $99 for video coaching and personal one-on-one support. If you want to find out more about the ‘4 Week Fast Track’, you can watch the video below where Chris will explain what it is all about (you can jump to about 13 minutes where Chris starts on the subject matter). Please do not jump into this upsell without a trial at Chris Farrell Membership because list building and email marketing is NOT for everyone (especially beginners). Trust me on this, I tried jumping directly into email marketing (made money) and I did not like it.

The Verdict

Chris Farrell Membership is a breath of fresh air. I am a visual person and the videos in CFM make Internet Marketing easy to understand without a wall of text. I will recommend Chris Farrell Membership strictly for complete beginners in Internet Marketing or people interested in email marketing. However, you might find yourself outgrowing this course pretty quickly as it does not provide more advanced material.

If you have some knowledge of affiliate marketing, you can consider Wealthy Affiliate that provides beginner to advanced level training. I will rate Chris Farrell Membership an overall rank of 8.5 out of 10.

So how does it compare with my #1 Recommendation?

Chris Farrell Membership is one of the better Internet Marketing Course I’ve tried but there are some areas that are lacking when compared to Wealthy Affiliate, especially in terms of more advanced training materials and tools.

Let us do a quick analysis in terms of pricing.

For us to implement Chris’ strategy of building a list and email marketing, we will need to sign up for CFM to learn ($37/month) & Autoresponder services + hosting + domain name ($25 – $30/month); a total of $52 – $57/month.

Now let’s look at Wealthy Affiliate, we will need to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate that includes hosting ($47/month) & a domain name ($10/year); a total of $48/month.  In addition, Wealthy Affiliate can help us along our career as we learn more about Internet Marketing. If you are interested to find out about Wealthy Affiliate, you can check out my full review here.

I hope this review will help you in your decision making process. Do you have any experience with Chris Farrell Membership?  If you do, I would love your feedback on CFM.  Please feel free to leave a review/your comments of this program below. We will definitely appreciate it! Thanks!


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6 Responses to 2015 Chris Farrell Membership Scam Review – Does Chris Know His Stuff?

  1. Neil says:

    Hello, Jane

    You have published a very detailed and comprehensive review on the Chris Farrell membership online training program. I have read many reviews on this, but I think yours is the best one and the program certainly sounds worth it.

    However though, compared to Wealthy Affiliate, WA certainly wins hands down!

    Thanks for your recommendations 🙂


    • Jane says:

      Hi Neil,

      Thank you for your complement! Chris Farrell Membership is great for those who wants to start out with email marketing but Wealthy Affiliate is definitely better in the long run. Do visit Income Jane again soon! 🙂

      To your success,

  2. Jimmy says:

    Hey, this is a great review of the Chris Farrell Membership! I’ve personally been a member of this site and some of his other training programs and I agree with on the point that he is indeed a great marketer and coach.
    Wealthy Affiliate however is opening new doors that are unavailable with CFM, an example being the live chats and contact with the owners!
    Good review!

    • Jane says:

      Thanks Jimmy for affirming my views about Chris Farrell. What you have mentioned about Wealthy Affiliate is one of the reasons I love WA. It is easy to get help and having a way to contact the owners to get advice is awesome.


  3. Sonia says:

    Wonderful review! You have really done your homework! I love the graphics and videos you have added! Kudos!

    • Jane says:

      Hey Sonia, thank you for the compliment! I’m glad the review was useful to you. In all my reviews, I do want to give my honest and unbiased views on it so that readers like you can benefit from it.


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