Name: Creating Income System 2.0 aka Site Hosting SourceCIS Logo
Price: $167 minimum
Owners: Unknown
Overall Rank: 1 out of 100

What is Creating Income System 2.0 all about?

Creating Income System 2.0 (CIS) can be found at,, and These sites are nothing more than sites that redirects you to, a basic hosting website. CIS offers to build you a “free” website when you get your hosting and domain name registration from Site Hosting Source.

TL;DR Review

Creating Income System 2.0 aka Site Hosting Source is nothing more than a basic hosting scam. They have a bait video about the need to sign up with them and the free website they will build for you that’s worth $1,985 (BS!) to make you pay for overpriced hosting and domain name registration.

They make making money online sound so easy that once your site is built, you will earn tons like the examples of successful people they show in the video. FALSE! Without any knowledge about Internet Marketing or Affiliate Marketing, it’s near impossible.

For their basic plan that costs $167, all you get is a domain name, hosting and a website that’s setup. I can teach you how to setup your own website for free here, step by step guide included.

If you really want to make money online, you need more than just a domain name and hosting. You need a place to learn about Internet Marketing and the know-how of building a successful website that really earns you money. My favourite training center does that and includes 2 free websites for you. A starter account is free, no credit card needed.

What training and tools does Creating Income System 2.0 provide?

The funny thing about CIS is, they said it’s a system but it is nothing more than basic hosting, a domain name and a website that’s set up (which can take less than a minute to do). There is no training and no tools. I do not know how can it be considered as a system.

What I Liked

There really isn’t much to like about it. This is a commonly seen hosting scam.

What I Disliked

There is much to dislike about it.

1) Lack of Information

It is quite contradictory when they said that it will be a done for your website and not tell you what they will do for you. All I know from watching the video is that I will have an information website set up for me. However, for hosting scams like this, do not expect quality from the content.

In fact, at the end of the video, all it says is the website will be set up and no information about the content was given. So do not get your hopes too high if you buy a package from them.

In addition, Site Hosting Source does not provide information about the hosting services you are buying into. Just from the looks of the information they provide, it really seems dodgy.

2) Wrong impression given

The person in the video said the Google likes websites that are aged. Well true, but he said it in such a way that it seems like the longer you host the website with them, the more Google will like your website. WRONG! Google does not go to your web hosting company to ask how long your site will be hosted before deciding to rank you.

CIS hardsell

3) Scarcity pressure to get you to take action

This is the first time I see timers and “limited” time offers for a hosting website.

CIS timer

Mind you, it was counting down in milliseconds. What kind of web hosting company does that? Instead of promoting its reliability, it is using countdown timers to pressure people to make decisions fast.

What’s the price?

The minimum cost for their plans is $167 for a year of domain registration and hosting. The domain name costs $15/year and $14.90/year for whois privacy when you buy it from them. You have no choice but to buy whois privacy with Site Hosting Source.

Whereas, my favourite domain registration company, NameCheap sells domains at $10.69/year (including whois privacy – free for the 1st year). NameCheap is a very established company and many super affiliates I know buy their domains from them.

The hosting that I currently like is SiteGround. It has very good reviews and is an up-and-coming hosting company. The support I’ve received so far is stellar and the hosting speed has been zippy. The cheapest web hosting starts at $3.95/month and it comes with a free .com domain.

The Verdict

Stay a mile away from Creating Income System 2.0. Site Hosting Source seems to have no real reviews online and it’s really unheard of. There are many well established companies that can provide what Site Hosting Source at better rates and quality.

The so called system that helps you make money online is not a system at all and you won’t have support or real training to help you on your make money online journey. It is highly unlikely you will make any money with CIS. I will rate it 1 out of 100.

So what now?

If you have $167 to spare and you want something better than CIS, I’ve good news for you. There’s so much more you can do with your money. Here’s what I will do with it:

  • $47.40 – for website hosting and domain name from SiteGround ($3.95 * 12 month)
  • $119.60 –  spend the rest on a good Internet Marketing training program

It will give you much more knowledge and direction as you step into the world of making money online/Internet Marketing. I will highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation that not only provides training but tools and hosting services. A starter account with them is free forever.

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