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Price: $9.95
Upsells: none
Support: Email
Owner: Diego Herrera
Overall rank: 70 out of 100


What is Targeted Lead Sniper all about?

Targeted Lead Sniper is a video-based training program for marketers who are interested to use Facebook to attract targeted leads. This is the first training product by Diego Herrera who is mentored by a familiar Internet Marketing figure known by most people in this field of Internet Marketing. This product does not require any money to get new leads from Facebook.

Disclaimer: I was blessed with a review copy of the entire training program. On 27 March, the product owner Diego emailed me and offered a copy of the product to review. I told him in my email that I will be transparent and honest in my review to uphold the integrity of my site. In fact, I told him that I will not hold back my punches if I think it sucks.

He replied, “Sure I have no problem with you being honest with my product’s review. … I just want you to be as honest and neutral as you possibly can.” In a world where Internet Marketers use guru names to promote trashy products and hire people on Fiverr for glowing reviews, his reply speaks of his integrity. It is a breath of fresh air in the WSO-type product industry.

TL:DR Review

Targeted Lead Sniper is a video based training program that teaches you how to use your own Facebook profile page to generate targeted leads. This product as promised does not require you to spend any money to get the leads but results will depend solely on you (really, automation will not work with this strategy).

You have to be comfortable with adding people whom you want to target as your Facebook friends and do outreaches (talk to them and engage them via FB feeds or private messages). This strategy takes time and effort! There is no guarantee that people will respond to you but if you reach out to enough people, chances are in your favour.

This program is suited for marketers who already have their own websites and want to use Facebook for leads generation. It is also useful for local marketers or real estate agents who are trying to build their own brand. Or if you are shy but want to practice communicating with others, this program is for you too.

Targeted Lead Sniper gets an overall rank of 70 out of 100. However, if you do not like to get chummy with people you don’t know and prefer free Google traffic or you are a totally new Internet Marketer, you will be better off with my #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

What training is provided?

Facebook Leads GenerationTargeted Lead Sniper provides 3 videos that consist of 5 training modules (I know, it’s confusing). In plain English, the modules are:

1) Module 1 – Become the hunted not the hunter: This module about attraction marketing that basically means having people ask you about what you are promoting instead of pushing and shoving affiliate links in their faces.

2) Module 2 – Create your own lead magnet for success: This is an over the shoulder step by step video that shows how to set up your profile page and the use of lists to separate your friends from your business leads. The examples given is pretty good here. Some of the things taught here are quite intuitive and for advanced Facebook users, you might know this already.

However, I did learn some new tricks from the video lesson. Using Facebook as a personal communication tool is quite different from using it to brand yourself. But I am not sure if I will use this strategy on my personal Facebook page because I am a private person and want to keep my side line out of my friends/colleagues’ view.

3) Module 3 – Posting secrets and tips: This is another over the shoulder video that shows you the types of posts you can post and when to post it. I find this part quite useful as it is quite a mindset shift from using FB as a personal sharing tool to a business leads tool. Diego shows a couple of examples here which is really good for visual people.

4) Module 4 – Start making new sales and recruiting new leads today: This module teaches you to look for leads via community groups or pages, add people as friends and how you can approach them via private messaging. As per the previous modules, it is an over the shoulder step by step video. Diego gave a couple of examples that are really helpful.

5) Module 5 – Sniper tactics: This module teaches you to look for people based on their location and interests via the search bar. For advanced users who like to network via Facebook, this might not be new to you. Otherwise, it might be an eye opener.

What tools are provided?

There are no tools provided in this training program. Diego did recommend using Hootsuite (free), an autoresponder (free and paid choices), your own domain (free and paid choices) and landing page for maximum benefits though.

What support is provided?

Diego provides email support for the course. He has been responsive to my emails and queries so far, replying within 24 hours.

What I liked

1) Not spammy or pushy

I hate spam with a vengeance. I dislike pushy promotion methods too. In Diego’s training, he taught about attraction marketing which to me, is the opposite of the usual pushy promotions or dodgy product ads posted by others on your timeline via tagging (the person who did that to me was immediately removed and blocked from my Facebook account).

However, you have to be very proactive and actively seek out people to add to your list and engage in conversation. You will only share what you are doing or selling when they ask you for more information.

2) Over the shoulder videos

I have been a Facebook user since 2007 and I learnt something from Diego throughout the training. As I have not used Facebook for promotion or branding, I learnt something new and the step by step videos were very useful. For a visual person like me, the training is clear and Diego shows multiple examples at times that is helpful.

3) Zero cost strategy

There really is no money involved in this strategy and the only thing that will stand between you and success is YOU.

4) No upsells or OTOs!

It’s upsells and pop-up free. I’m really sick of those exit pop-ups after encountering TONS of them in Ewen Chia’s sales pages. Finally, no deep funnel pop ups!

What I disliked

1) No reference materials

Each video in training is more than an hour long and a lot was shared. If I wanted to follow his step by step instructions, I had to load the video again and scroll through until I got to the instructional point. It would have been much easier if a step by step instruction guide was included.

* I have given Diego feedback. He will be adding in PDF copies in future versions.

2) Videos could be broken down into smaller parts

In the sales page, there were 5 modules listed but 3 main training videos. It would have been much easier if the videos were in smaller sub topics.

I had problems fast-forwarding the videos on mobile and my macbook. I watched till the 45 minute mark on my mobile and wanted to continue with it at home but was unable to do so on my mac! I had to let it run its course in the background for the next 45 minutes while I did my work before continuing from the point where I stopped.

It takes quite awhile to load on mobile and it uses up my limited data on parts of the video I do not need to watch again.

* I have given Diego feedback. He will be splitting the videos into bite-sized ones and including the mp3 versions in the next update.

3) Time consuming

It will take time to build rapport with new friends and seek out people (your targeted leads). Diego recommended spending an hour or 2 each day to like, share and comment on people’s Facebook pages. The success of your implementation of this strategy depends on this!

4) Not for certain personalities

I am an introvert. I am not comfortable adding unknown people to my Facebook account and talking to them. But if you are an extrovert and have no problems striking up a conversation or you want to improve your communication skills, this will not be an issue for you.

What’s the price?

Currently, the price of this program is $9.95. There are no upsells or OTOs at the moment.

The verdict

I was rather skeptical of the product at first because I do not have good experiences with WSO-type products. After going through the entire training, I must say that it provides pretty detailed explanations of how you can use your own Facebook profile page to generate leads.

It will take time for this strategy to work and I wonder if it is worth it to spend an hour or 2 daily on it. In 2 hours, I can complete the research on a product or maybe write a 1000 word article which may bring in organic traffic. That being said, the strategy shared is a great way to bring in engagement on Facebook.

I will give Target Lead Sniper an overall rank of 70 out of 100. This product is suitable for marketers (online and offline) who want to generate more leads from Facebook and network with people in the niche. For $9.95, it is a good deal and the strategy is definitely legit.

What if I want traffic from Google?

This product will work solely for Facebook. If you prefer organic search traffic from Google, Yahoo or Bing, you might want to consider my #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate. This website is built using the strategies taught in Wealthy Affiliate and you can read more about it in my review here.

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4 Responses to Targeted Lead Sniper Review: The Full Disclosure

  1. Leo says:

    your site is very clean and its an easy read! the colors are inviting !! the content is good and real! your review on Targeted Lead Sniper is very well done! by the end it made me want Click on WA .
    how long have you been at this?

    • Jane says:

      Dear Leo

      I am glad you like my site and the review. WA is the place where I first learnt proper Internet Marketing stuff, you can read my full review here. I have been lurking around the Internet Marketing scene since 2013. 🙂


  2. Brandi says:

    Thank you for this excellent review. I think I’ll go ahead and purchase this as a sort of extra down the road. For now, I’m happy with organic traffic from Google and there is a lot of ground to cover there. But as I said, it is good to know there is a decent training module for generating FB leads. And…hopefully by then the new version will be available with your suggestions for improvement, I would have to agree that small bites that you can refer back to later makes for a more enjoyable learning experience.

    • Jane says:

      Thanks Brandi for the compliment. Yes it is a great add-on to organic traffic from Google. I will definitely update my review when Diego updates his program.


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