AutoPilot Profits
Price: $37
Upsells: too many to count!
Support: Helpdesk
Owners: Ewen Chia
Overall Rank: 2 out of 10

What is AutoPilot Profits all about?

AutoPilot Profits is one of the many products by Ewen Chia. This training product was originally launched in 2009 and Ewen did a relaunch of it in 2014 and renamed it AutoPilot Profits 2014. This product provides a

PDF guide and some videos that mainly teaches about basic Internet marketing knowledge, list building and email marketing.

TL;DR Review

AutoPilot Profits 2014 is one of the worst courses I have seen so far. Ewen Chia has many similar training programs that promises riches and AutoPilot profits 2014 seems to be a combination of a few products of his. In the 2014 version, Ewen arranged the menu bar a little (the site design is still stuck in 2009), added MORE affiliate links and removed the the illegal blackhat stuff.

I will not recommend this Internet Marketing course to anyone unless you love upsells, more upsells and outdated training. You can get better training on Internet Marketing for free from my #1 recommendation.

What training and tools does AutoPilot Profits provide?

AutoPoilot Profits consists of a 59-page pdf document and videos mainly on traffic. If you read older reviews of AutoPilot Profits, most of them would mention the use of blackhat techniques (that will get you penalized) for the traffic section. Thankfully, he removed the section on blackhat methods but he did not update the document with any new traffic techniques. Instead, he just recommend you to watch his outdated list of videos on traffic.

The main training for AutoPilot Profits can be found under: System Step 1-3. So here’s a breakdown of the steps:

1) System Step 1

In Step 1, AutoPilot Profits teaches you how to buy a domain name, link it to your hosting site, set up your autoresponder and squeeze page. For goodness sake, Ewen could have just listed out the site he was purchasing the domain name, hosting and autoresponder from NameCheap, HostGator and Aweber. Instead, he would point you to another url that will redirect you to his affiliate links.

2) System Step 2

This step is absolutely useless to you unless you want to… promote Ewen’s products. This step provides a very simple squeeze page with the title “How A Brain Dead Simple Online ATM Machine Made Over $3640.25 In 24 Hours!”, 5 emails to send to your email list to promote his product of course, a clickbank link generator and more promotional stuff. Seriously, this step is just a resource page for affiliates. If you have no traffic, no website, no idea how affiliate marketing works, you should be pulling your hair out right now.

3) System Step 3

In this step, Ewen gave a list of videos about the free traffic techniques to your site but short under 10 minutes video each. And guess what, the whole free techniques series is by Mike Cowles and an unknown person. PowerPoint based teaching without any step-by-step instructions. I suspect that the videos were made in 2009 because it looks very 2009-ish, like his website.

Of course, don’t expect AutoPilot Profits does not provide any tools.

What support is provided?

I tried looking for any help desk or support link but to no avail. This seems like a one-off deal to him and I am not sure how you can get any support from him or his team if you have any questions. In my opinion, this shows how much he cares or bothers about his customers or “students”.

What I Liked

Very little. The only thing that was slightly decent was the information in the PDF guide and the video (if you can get it to load). That being said, it will be difficult for even an intermediate Internet Marketer who has no experience in email marketing to apply the information. If you are a total beginner, it will be very difficult for you as there are NO instructions for you. The information is generic and there is no step-by-step guide for you to follow. Maybe this was a wow program in 2009 but in 2015, it’s sorely outdated.

What I Disliked

There are so many things I dislike about AutoPilot Profits. I had to change my style of this review slightly because bullet points for my dislikes were not sufficient.

Unrealistic Claims

I took so many screenshots of the unrealistic claims from the sales page but I’ve decided to scale down to just 4 images.

AutoPilot Profits Unrealistic claims

Let’s check out the claims he is making here and let’s infer a little.

1) You don’t have to touch it to make money.

If I see this, I would think that it is a done for you system and I don’t have to purchase anything else to make it work. WRONG!

2) I can make money by today (before you go to sleep tonight)

I can make money the moment I buy this product. VERY WRONG!

3) 20 ATMS spitting cash and I can build an empire by turning on the traffic.

It is easy to get traffic (like a tap… turn on turn off) and I can build any empire of my interests. TERRIBLY WRONG! You will be building Ewen’s empire, that’s all.

And how do I know it’s unrealistic? Just look at his earnings disclaimer below…

Autopilot Profits Earnings Disclaimer

Nuff’ said.

Sale, More Sales and Even More Sales

For the purpose of this review, I surfed through ALL sidebar menu links. It was the first time I got so IRRITATED with a website while doing a review. Except 2 links, the rest were sales pages of his other products or products he was promoting. What made me really irritated was this…

AutoPilot Profits Popups

Can you imagine this popped-up for every single sales link I tried to exit? It was so irritating and I felt like Ewen was trying to squeeze every single cent out of me.

Rehashed Material

How many times can you flog a dead horse? I wish Ewen would stop reusing his material from his other programs and repackaging as a brand new system that is “updated” for 2014 or 2015 for that matter. Most of the information found on his site is outdated and there are better places that can teach you affiliate marketing.

What’s the price?

AutoPilot Profits costs $37 but if you try to exit the site, he will offer you a $10 discount. I did not bother counting the number of upsells, downsells and one time offer this site offers but you can take look at a few of the AutoPilot Profits offers he pushes.

AutoPilot Profits Commission


I did notice that one of the products he pushes is My Online Business Empire (MOBE), a dodgy pyramid scheme, very strongly and seriously spams your email about it. I received 3 emails about it in 1 hour. I will be doing a review on MOBE very soon.

The Verdict

I am put off by the upsells and unrealistic claims of AutoPilot Profits. The training material is not updated and there are far better products out in the market. I will not recommend this product to anyone. As a Singaporean, I would like to clarify that Ewen’s newspaper article was only an interview on his financial lifestyle and NOT an endorsement for his programs. Oh and, don’t give Ewen your email unless you like to be SPAMMED.

So Where Can I Learn From An Expert?

I am so ashamed that this terrible product was produced in my country. If you truly want to learn honest and legitimate Internet Marketing, you can learn it from my number 1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate (read my review here). There are NO irritating popups, upsells and unrealistic claims. You will learn to create a website of your passion with the help of seasoned experts and a supportive community, and promote real useful stuff that people need and want to buy (and not crappy PDFs).

In terms of traffic, Wealthy Affiliate teaches you about the different types of traffic and focuses on the best source, Google. With a well developed site and traffic mainly from Google, your online income can truly be on AutoPilot mode. (Note that this is not a get rich quick scheme but a totally legitimate way of earning an income online. It is a business and you have to put in effort, like all offline businesses.)

If you are interested in learning about email marketing or list building, you can consider Chris Farrell Membership by a respectable Internet Marketer Chris Farrell. You can read my full review of Chris Farrell Membership here.

Do you have any experience with Ewen Chia’s products or AutoPilot Profits? Share it with us at the comments section below. I love to hear from you!

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2 Responses to Ewen Chia’s AutoPilot Profits 2014 Scam Review – So Bad It Crash Landed

  1. Norm (CC1) says:

    Short of the bit where you have two recommendations at the bottom and you’ve only reviewed one, it seems a bit confusing which one you are recommending. Could you make this a bit clearer?

    • Jane says:

      Hi Norm,

      Thanks for reading the review and the question. Well, it really depends on your Internet Marketing style. If you prefer email marketing or list building, Christ Farrell Membership provides great step-by-step instructions. If you are thinking of long-term passive income from niche websites, Wealthy Affiliate is THE place to learn from.

      To your success,

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