Thank you for being brave by clicking on ‘getting started’! If you have been scammed many times, it takes a lot of courage and persistence to continue seeking for an online income. If you are genuinely interested in earning an Internet income and/or starting your own business online, please read the entire post.

Like a physical business start-up, an Internet business is not that much different from it. You need to put in time and effort to see your business blossom. The only difference is, you are not limited by time and space constraints. You can work on your business anytime and anywhere, even on your smartphone. ‘Getting started’ is dedicated to helping you get started in your pursuit. I’m so sick of Internet Marketing hypes and I promise there will be none of those here. Just practical steps and tips to kick start your journey.

I truly want to help you succeed and avoid crummy scams online!

Having spend thousands of my hard-earned money on so called guaranteed programs, scams, warrior WSOs and products, I learnt the importance of test driving. I prefer to test everything out before I pay a single cent for it. Hence, whatever I recommend on this site will either be completely free or provides a free or small-fee paying trial. I realised that good and legit programs won’t mind giving out free trials or small-fee paying trials because they don’t intend to ‘hit-and-run’, like scammers do.

Just think about it in real life, will you pay $1000 for a new smartphone from an unknown manufacturer just by reading the product specifications and fake ‘honest’ reviews? Maybe not. How do big smartphone brands like Apple and Samsung sell their products?  They proudly display their products in concept shops for you to try their smartphones and tablets. There is always the option of trying it out before purchasing. Let’s take a look at another example, gym memberships. Some gyms give 1-week trial memberships free or even a 30-day trial membership for a low fee. Why should we expect anything less when buying products or joining programs online?

So, here at, I will only advocate trying it out before purchasing anything online. To top that, I love free stuff. If the quality between a free and paid product is similar, free is always better.

So you want to make some money online… What is necessary to get started?

Starting out as a newbie and trying to get a business online going is TOUGH especially if you do not have any technical knowledge. Through my personal experience, I realised that the journey to get started can be much easier with these three things.

(1) A place to ask for help

I graduated a couple of years with a degree in Engineering with a major in Software Engineering (am in a totally different field now). Even so, I find it quite daunting at times. Although I know how to surf the web to look for solutions, it is a slow and painful process. Getting stuck sucks and having a place to ask for help (& get answers without being called stupid) is like finding water in the desert. Ah… the relief!

(2) A place to learn

The world of Internet is moving so quickly that we can get lost in all the changes. Google for example keeps updating its algorithms and the strategies that worked months ago might not work today. A proper place to learn how to build your Internet business is important. You don’t want to be learning outdated stuff that could hurt your rankings with Google or waste money on scams that don’t teach you anything! For total newbies, over the shoulder tutorials work best and I find structured lessons really helpful.

(3) The right mindset

Although this is the 3rd point, it is the most important. If you are always running for ‘shiny’ objects (that don’t work), you will only waste money and time. Instead spending your effort and time on looking for quick, fast and no-work-needed solutions, why not spend that time and effort on building a sustainable business? Stop gambling with scams, MLM and stuff that don’t work. Start investing your time, effort and money in the right places, e.g. your own business. You do not need to know everything before you start but you need to be willing to try, learn and experiment.

Now you might ask me, yes I have the right mindset but I know nuts about starting an Internet business? Where can I learn and get help from? Well I have a place to recommend to you where you can get started for $0 (no credit card need), for free!

 Here is what you can get for $0…

    • Personal Help & Support
      • Ability to get personal help from me & everyone else, including the creators of the programme
      • Live Chat support from a very active community
      • Ongoing topical discussions
    • 2 Free Websites that takes less than a minute to set up
      • No HTML coding required
      • Fully functional WordPress Sites
      • Ready to make money online
    • Tons of Training Materials
      • Step-by-step videos
      • Tutorials
      • Courses
      • Entire Classrooms

Sounds great? Click here to read my full review on it! Below is a table of the 2 different memberships they have, one is the free starter membership (mentioned above) and the other is a paid premium membership.

You should ONLY consider premium after trying out the starter membership. Premium membership gives you access to much more stuff such as a free keyword tool, free unlimited domain hosting (where comparable plans costs $99-$249 per month!) and of course much more lessons. Need some time to decide? You can read more about the various Internet Marketing courses available in my informative guide.

Are you looking for some Internet Marketing tools to get started? No problem, just hop over to My Toolbox where I listed out my tools of the trade. Most tools I use are free or provide a free trial.

Do you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave me a comment and I will reply as soon as I can. 🙂


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