Laptop LadiesAre you thinking of making an extra income online legitimately? Perfect! You are at the right page. I’m glad to inform you that there are many MANY ways to make money from home online!

More ways than you can count!

In this guide, I will be covering a range of ways you can start earning money online. The difficulty of earning varies and some are more sustainable than others. Everything that is covered in this guide is legitimate and is suitable for anyone who wants to make some extra cash on the Internet. Yes, including stay-home moms, students, retirees, the disabled, working adults, people looking for a job, and etc.

So what do I need?

Obviously you will need an Internet connection and a computer/laptop/tablet. For the different methods I am covering, you will need different skillsets, for example, a skill, a passion, knowledge, time or a willingness to learn. Do read to the end of the guide as I kept the BEST for the last!

Skill-based Online Income

Do you have a skill that you can “sell”? There are a few good sites I will recommend to you where you can sell your skills/talent.

 Fiverr WelcomeFiverr is an online portal where you can sell the skills that you have for, you guessed it, 5 U.S. dollars. So what can you sell here?

If you can draw, you can sell a digital drawing based on the customer’s requirements.
If you can design, you can sell custom made logos or even name card designs.
If you have a beautiful voice, you can narrate a script or even requested sing a song for $5.
If you can write, you can write articles and sell it or help proofread articles. I would recommend other avenues for freelance writing as you can earn more.
Think you have absolutely no skills at all, don’t worry. You can think of unique ideas to sell like writing the customer’s message on the beach or snow.

Freelance Writing/Jobs
If you are good at writing, congratulations! You are IN DEMAND. There are many portals where you can market your writing. Freelance writing can be very lucrative and you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

You can consider signing up with the following sites to get freelance online writing jobs. Some of the popular ones are:

Elance and oDesk have merged but they still serve the same purpose. This is a good place to start if you are not too confident and still building your writing skillset.

BloggingPro Jobs Board – This is where professional bloggers looking for jobs and companies looking for bloggers to hire. The topics are really varied and there is a high chance there is a job that you would like.

Morning Coffee Newsletter – This daily digest newsletter usually contains 10-20 new writing jobs. The jobs are usually handpicked from popular job sites like CraigsList, MediaBistro, JournalismJobs, ProBlogger, and more.

Some sites will take a small cut from the writing fees but please, DO NOT PAY for writing jobs assignments. Most of the so-called legit jobs that make you pay are scams. If you are not sure it is a scam, do leave me a comment and I will help you.

Sell your knowledge with online classes
Do you enjoy teaching? If you do, you can consider selling your knowledge by creating your very own online class. All you need is a recording software, a microphone, PowerPoint slides and knowledge to do so.

Udemy is a huge education platform where you can teach a topic of your interest. For example, you can take really good photos. You can be an instructor and design a course that teaches people how to take good photos and maybe even how to improve the photos using Adobe Photoshop.

Craft-based Online Income

Esty WelcomeDo you enjoy making stuff with your hands? There are many online websites that allow you to sell your handmade products! Some of the big names in this handmade products e-commerce niche are Esty, Shopify and ArtFire.

I have read stories of how stay-home moms can make thousands by selling their handmade products online. One very successful creative product entrepreneur gave the following suggestions on how to start that I totally agree with and I would like to replicate it here.

Creative Business Suggestion 1

I agree with this entrepreneur’s view on the importance of Internet Marketing skills. Many of us do not start out with a marketing background hence it might not be easy for us to sell. So we need a proper place to learn more about Internet Marketing! It took me a lot of time and money before I found THE place to learn how to set up a proper Internet business. If you want to find out more about it now, you can click here to start learning more about my number #1 Internet Marketing Course Recommendation.

Creative Business Suggestion 2

For people to buy your products, you need people to visit your product sales page. Building a website or starting a blog will be a good way for you to build up your reputation and promote your products. Building a website or starting a blog really is not difficult at all and it can be done easily in 4 simple steps. *No programming involved* Yes, I hear that sigh of relief.

I have a post written just for beginners who prefer step-by-step instructions to build a website/blog. Click here to zoom over to that post.

As for Affiliate Programs mentioned in suggestion #5, please scroll to Affiliate Marketing-based Online Income below to find out more about it.

Rewards-based Online Income

This is one of my favourite ways to earn some pocket money. Most tasks are really simple and you can do it at your own leisure. You will not earn loads of cash here (unless you have a lot of referrals) but it’s good enough to give you a few dollars to cover some petty expenses at home. Here are 3 of my favourites that really pays.

1) SwagBucks – This is my favourite out of the 3. It is non-intrusive and you can earn virtual “swagbucks” by just doing the normal stuff you do online. For example, searching for information using Bing, playing online games, Internet shopping or even watching videos online.

2) CashCrate – CashCrate rewards members with cash when you complete the offers on the website. The free offers are mainly for surveys and mini tasks.

3) EmailCashPro – This site as its name states pays you cash for each email that you read. I like EmailCashPro because it does not spam me with emails and I have a choice if I want to read the emails or not. This program is legit but it takes a quite long time for you to earn your cash out amount (unless you have a lot of referrals). Great for killing time.

Affiliate Marketing-based Online Income

Are you thinking, “Oh dear, I am not a salesperson. I can’t speak well. How can I do this?”

Breathe. Don’t fret. You can, just read on.

Out of all the methods described above, Affiliate Marketing is my absolute favourite as it can generate passive income for me in the long-term.

The best thing about this Affiliate Marketing is, you can earn from any niche you like or have a passion in. Let me give you an example. Currently I am learning Zumba (a dance fitness program) to keep fit and I am really interested in everything related to it. I talk Zumba and I sleep Zumba. Instead of  just sharing my knowledge with my friends, I can start an online blog and share it with the worldwide community.

So you might be thinking, how can sharing my knowledge and passion earn me an extra online income? Good question.

Heard of Amazon?

Amazon AffiliatesIf you live in the U.S., U.K., Canada or even Singapore, you most likely have heard of Amazon. Maybe even purchased something on the website before. Amazon has an affiliate program that allows you to earn 4% – 10% when someone purchases something from your affiliate link. Let me simplify it for you.

1) I write a post to share my experience on a Zumba DVD set that I bought on my Zumba website.
2) I put my Amazon affiliate link of the Zumba DVD set in that post.
3) A reader reads my article, clicks on my link on my website and buys a product on Amazon.
4) I will receive a commission of whatever the reader purchases from Amazon.

How cool is that? Earning from legitimate websites like Amazon just by sharing my experiences or writing about my passion.

There are tons of affiliate programs around for every single niche or passion you have. The good thing about affiliate marketing is, you do not need to have your own product and an article that you write can earn you money for years to come.

Does it sound interesting to you?

I’m so glad it does. So what’s next? The most important things to kick start your affiliate marketing journey are:

1) a good education (that provides step-by-step instructions and scam-free)
2) support, support, support (a place where you can ask questions and seek help or advise from)
3) a willingness to learn and take action

I can’t help you for point 3 but I know a great place to learn affiliate marketing (with awesome support). That place is Wealthy Affiliate. If you want to find out more about Wealthy Affiliate, click on this link to read my honest review on it.

What is your favourite way of earning money from home online legitimately? Do share it with us in the comments section below!

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  1. Amanda says:

    Nice website full of useful tips!

  2. Lovane & Jade says:

    Thank you for a great article and we really appreciate the depth to which you have gone here.

    The information is comprehensive but easy to grasp and set out nicely. Your site is looking very clean and easy to navigate so we have bookmarked you to return again:))

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    • Jane says:

      Dear Lovane & Jade, thank you for the compliment! I hope the tips were useful to you. I have a couple of interesting posts lined up for the next few weeks so do drop by again soon!

      To your online success!

  3. Jonathan Benning says:

    Hey, great information. I to have a website about making different ways to make money online. I really like your theme you’re using and found this post pretty educational despite my around 3-5 years of knowledge and past experience in this category. Great advice for beginners and scam warning advice. This niche has too many scams online and people are too quick to turn new ideas away to scam and its reasurring there are still good and honest people creating content in this niche. Good day!

    • Jane says:

      Thanks Jonathan for the compliment! I’ve been trying a few things in this ‘making money online’ niche for a couple of years too and got my fingers burnt a few times. I totally agree with you that there are way too many scams online. For beginners, it is really difficult for them to identify scams/shiny objects from the real good stuff. I do hope IncomeJane can prevent people from getting scammed and help them build a legitimate business online. And yes, it is so reassuring to know that there are good and honest people in this niche still! 🙂

      Cheers to your Internet success,

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    Really well thought out website and it’s user friendly.
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