A professional chef will always have their own set of knives and tools, likewise for an Internet business owner. I have a few tools of the trade that I use regularly in building up my business. It is important to do your due diligence and choose right tools. My toolbox will only list the current tools I’m using. These tools will be critical in helping you start your own internet business and only the good, reliable and proven tools will be listed.

Domain – NameCheap
Since I started on Internet Marketing, I have been buying my domain names from NameCheap. Yes, there are cheaper ones like GoDaddy but I have affiliate friends who have encountered problems with it. The last thing I want is a locked account?! A super affiliate that I know swears by NameCheap. I have been using it for more than a year and did not encounter any problems with it. I like the fact that they do not have any crazy upsells and they give free whoisguard for a year (no strings attached) when you buy a new domain from them. I like it. 🙂

Hosting – HostGator
Currently I am hosting my sites on HostGator and Wealthy Affiliate. I like the live chat support provided by HostGator. When I was a total newbie, I used the live chat frequently to get instant help for issues and for questions I had. After using it for awhile, it became pretty easy to use. I rarely have downtime with HostGator and it is pretty stable. If you sign up for hosting during Black Friday, you tend to get really awesome deals.

If you missed Black Friday, here are 2 HostGator discount coupon codes (that works!) for HostGator: HGNINE94DEAL ($9.94 off) and HG25DISCOUNTDEAL (25% off). The 25% off discount coupon code works better if you are subscribing for an expensive plan. Otherwise, the $9.94 off deal will a better deal.

HostGator Discount Code

WordPress ThemeMyThemeShop

I’m in love with My Theme Shop. The themes are reasonably priced and well supported by the creators of the theme. They provide free themes and plugins that are pretty useful too. For my niche sites, I use the Splash Theme ($45) and will be doing a review of it soon. For $45, it can be used on all my websites and websites for flipping too. Here’s a MyThemeShop discount coupon code (10% discount) that will save you some money: INCOMEJANE. The code INCOMEJANE works for all products sold on the website. They do have some pretty awesome stuff there.

WordPress Website – Siterubix
I am a person with varied interests and I love to try new ideas. Siterubix is a great place for me to create free WordPress sites to test out my new ideas and write my drafts. Once I’ve written about 12 posts and the site can be developed further, I will buy a domain and transfer it over. If I realise it’s a dead end niche or I’ve lost steam in continuing the site, I can just drop it and will not have any monetary losses. It is also dead simple to use. Just 3 simple clicks and you have your website. You can try to create your own site now (for FREE) by typing in a name below. And yes, it’s free forever, without any flashy adverts to promote their services.

Keyword Research – Jaaxy
I feel like a geek typing this. I spend my evenings and weekends playing with Jaaxy, doing keyword research. It is utterly addictive. Recently, they have upgraded the system and it is much more powerful. The owner of Jaaxy wrote about the improvements here. If you are interested to try it out, you could do 30 free searches (no obligation, no credit card details needed).

My Education – Wealthy Affiliate (WA)
Seriously, I wished I found WA earlier. WA has an active learning community and even provides hosting. I would have saved on hosting fees and would not have blown that much money on crummy scams! You can read my full review on Wealthy Affiliate. Or you can go directly to Wealthy Affiliate to check it out yourself. A starter account is free!

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6 Responses to My Toolbox

  1. Norm (CC1) says:

    I LOVE the idea of a toolbox! The theme is crisp, simple, and really draws the eye to what you’re talking about. I see a skilled writer here!

  2. Brad Walker says:

    The toolbox is a great idea! After seeing your page it occurred to me that even someone looking to lose weight and get healthier would benefit from a Healthy Toolbox. I hope you don’t mind me using that idea on my website 🙂 WA has been a great tool to start my creative juices flowing again.

  3. Cindy says:

    A good idea. Well developed. Well written. Your evident experience with internet marketing adds just the right context. I’ll be back again. Thanks, Jane.


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