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Hey everyone,

I am kicking off my niche sites success story series on the blog with inspiration from Doug Cunnington. I love to read the series on his blog and decided to “borrow” his idea and share the success stories of people I have met. Some questions are pretty similar and of course, I have sought his permission to do so. Thanks Doug! ūüôā

To start off this series, I have invited Colton, a full-time affiliate marketer, whom I have been following for a couple of months in Wealthy Affiliate. His story is pretty inspirational and it shows ¬†that niche sites still work! So, enough of my rambling, let’s move on to the interview.

Latest update: Colton had a $10,000 month in December 2015! 5 months after my interview with him! Congrats Colton! Click here to read his blog post about it.

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If you are wondering ‘what is affiliate marketing’, this post is specially written for you. Affiliate marketing can sound quite daunting to someone who is not in the field of marketing or business. However, this post will give you the lowdown on it in a quick and easy manner.

This post is written by my friend Yunier from¬†whose¬†website is dedicated towards revealing the scams out in the Internet world and helping teach beginners how to make money online from the comfort of their own home. I will now pass the time over to him. [Continue Reading…]

Since I have ramped up my niche site building, I have been constantly on the lookout for free and cheap stock photos that I can use. Free stock photos are great but sometimes the photos I am looking for are quite targeted and the free ones might not be suitable. I found quite a number of very valuable blog posts on free stock photos but not encountered any good ones for cheap stock photos.

Most cheap stock photos blog posts were targeted at big time stock photo buyers that I am not. I do not need 3000 stock images per month! I will probably need a maximum of 20 per month at the moment with the scale of my operations. So this kickstarted my search for the cheapest stock photos for beginning site builders and bloggers like me.

In this post, I will give a detailed list of usually recommended stock photo agencies (12 to be exact!) and the breakdown of stock photo pricing and plans. Mainly there are 2 types of plans: 1) monthly subscription and 2) credit-based (pay per download), which means that you buy a certain amount of credits and download as and when you need the photos.

To standardize the comparison, I will be looking at¬†prices for 10, 20, 50 & 100 stock photos per month. Also, I will be¬†comparing small (800 x 600) and medium (1600 x 1200) size photos. At the end of the article, I will give my recommendations based on the comparsions listed. So if you are short of time and can’t read the entire stock photo agency review, just scroll the end. Let’s not delay any further! [Continue Reading…]

I am currently writing up a mega post on stock photos and I stumbled upon a stock photo deal in Appsumo. Appsumo works a little like Groupon where a limited number of items are sold at a discounted price. For small affiliate website owners like me, I find most stock photos to be quite pricey and was really pumped to see a Deposit Photos deal on Appsumo!

Appsumo Deposit Photos Superdeal

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