Website: paid-surveys-at-home.comPaid Survey at Home Review
Price: $68 (with discounts as you try to leave the site)
Support: Helpdesk
Owners: Patricia Johnson
Overall Rank: 30/100

What is Paid Surveys at Home all about?

If you are wondering if Paid Surveys at Home is a scam or is it legit, you are at the right place.
Paid Surveys at Home is basically a middle man program whereby you pay to join a membership and then they would provide you with a list of companies who are looking for regular consumers to survey. It provides people of all experience levels an opportunity to make money at home through market research. In other words, you get paid simply for giving your opinion!

These large companies will seek out opinion on different products and for telling them your consumer habits, etc. These include online surveys, phone surveys, focus groups, and new product reviews.

TL;DR Review

PSAH is a paid membership program where you can find a list of surveys that you can attempt in their portal. It costs $68 $34 $17 $7 to join the membership (yes, those are the discounts you are given when you try to leave the site). The sales page gives over inflated amounts that you can earn and it is not as lucrative as what is portrayed.

If you are truly interested in making sustainable income online, you can take the $68 investment and find a program that can provide step by step instruction on how to create your own little business on the internet legitimately. If you are interested, click here to start learning for FREE (no credit card needed). How about that?

What training and tools does Paid Surveys at Home provide?

At the moment, anyone who signs up for PSAH gets a few bonuses and an ebook. The newest free bonus is “Get Paid to Drive”. Would anyone like to guess what that is? If you guessed UBER I would say “ding ding ding!”

The ebook has some basic information and tips for getting started but not on how to make more money or get qualified for more paid opportunities. It emphasizes that you should sign up for as many companies as possible because that will increase your odds of getting chosen to participate and therefore get paid.

Some of the tools and the upsell are focused on other make money programs. Who wants to buy one program just to find out that program actually recommends and aggressively markets OTHER money making schemes?

What support is provided?
There is a help desk except they don’t provide support with the actual money making process just issues with accessing products or unless you are going to try and request a refund.

When I left the homepage, it offered live chat assistance but I never got anyone to respond to that.

What I Liked

While it is true that there are companies that pay for your opinions, you can find them on your own and they are often looking for very specific candidates. With that in mind I am appalled that they would even try to sell people the fact that they could make enough money a month to pay bills or even bring in tens of thousands of dollars a year.

For that, I really don’t like anything about this program. Why pay when I can get surveys for free from sites like SwagBucks and OpinionWorld?

What I Disliked

Income Claims – In multiple places are people saying they have made $20 by taking a 20 minute survey. You would probably be better off playing the lotto than banking on the fact that you would get surveys like this. Not to mention it mentions being able to make enough money to pay bills every month or even more.

The time you would spend trying to qualify and take that many surveys would be more than a full time job and in the long run the amount you make will be substantially less, even at minimum wage.

Email Marketing – Everyone who has joined receives constant emails trying to sell them other work at home products which are just as sketchy. This is because the owners of Paid Surveys are affiliates with these products so not only did they take your money with the membership but they are hoping to make more money by selling you unrelated products.

Upsells – The pushy upsell for a product that isn’t even related to what PSAH promotes blows my mind. I understand that lots of products have upsells but they should at least be relevant to what you just bought. This includes stuff that is totally outside the realm of survey taking and will require lots of additional learning (which they don’t provide).

PSAH-testimonial-PSAHFake Testimonials
– First off, the testimonial images can be found on multiple websites selling different items. After seeing a few reviews of people saying this, the sales page now has a disclaimer that images are stock to provide privacy for the consumer.

I would be okay with that explanation if it wasn’t for the fact that if you google the actual testimonials well…they are on lots of pages (most of which are for paid survey sites!). So I wouldn’t take any of those with a grain of salt.

What’s the price?

PSAH-FreePaid Surveys at Home has an initial price tag of $68 that no one ever has to pay. Why? Because as soon as you are taken to the purchase page they so graciously provide you with a 50% discount so essentially it is $34.

Well like most of these sites that are trying to get even a single dollar out of you, when you try to leave it lowers the price to $17. Doesn’t it aggravate you to know that people interested right off the bat had to pay more than people who tried to leave?

And surprise! When you try to leave again they have a brand new FREE membership that takes you to the “lite” version of the program. It is missing basically everything according to the message but it will give you a feel for the product to entice you actually pay and sign up for more.


The most interesting thing about PSAH is that once you sign up, you are greeted with an immediate offer that will teach you other ways to make money at home. This starts at $64 and has the same continuous discounts as you try to leave (except the free part). The upsell includes

  1. Get Paid to Shop & Eat
  2. Get Paid to Blog
  3. Make Money on eBay
  4. Make Money with Google!
  5. Make Money Marketing Online
  6. Work at Home Mom (or Dad!)

Looks like you are buying a whole lot of unrelated information to what you just signed up for. Each of these require a different set of skills, learning, and training. Not to mention no one should focus on so many different sources of income without first mastering one. Plus I am pretty sure you could put 2, 4, 5, 6, and even 3 all in one guide. But it looks like you are getting more all broken up.

The Verdict

Unfortunately, Paid Surveys at Home themselves may not make you much money unless you are promoting them as an affiliate and getting other people to sign up. You are paying them for free information and very little training. There is not even a guarantee you will ever make any money because if you read the site closely you will see they emphasize QUALIFIED participants. You could spend time completing an entire survey to find out you didn’t qualify at the end, or you could find out right at the beginning with the screening questions. Then you just have to wait some more.

Even the calculator they provide to determine your income has a max survey number of 3 per day…isn’t that kind of depressing. They also have $0 as an option for how much you get paid for survey; I am not even sure what to think of that.

The money making focus of PSAH is random and not sustainable. Many people will not qualify for the offers and if you do the pay is normally under 5 dollars though on super rare occasions you will get a good price.

Save your time and your money and move on. Essentially all this product provides you with is a list of companies that you can find for free if you are willing to take a little time on Google.

The training isn’t helpful and there are constant “bonuses” and marketing attempts for other at home business opportunities. I was pretty sure the entire point of this was to make money by taking advantage of the list you PAID for. Guess the money isn’t good enough…

So what now?

There are multiple ways to make a full time income online but Paid Surveys at Home is not one of them. If you have been considering purchasing this product I would put that money to better use by actually learning how to create a sustainable online business.

My top recommendation provides live support, free websites, hosting, and training. Not to mention you can try it for free and stay a free member for as long as you like. With the time it would take you filling out surveys, you could be creating your very own business.

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4 Responses to Paid Surveys At Home Scam Review – Can You Really Earn From It?

  1. Kristof says:

    Very good and honest review. I have seen a few different Paid Surveys at Home opportunities and I’m not sure if they were scams or not, but the little money someone could make with them were not worthy of the time spend on them. It is much better to learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

    • Jane says:

      Hi Kristof

      Thank you for stopping by! I’m glad you like the review. Surveys take a lot of time and most don’t pay very well. I find that not as sustainable as affiliate marketing can be very passive if done well. That’s why I prefer affiliate marketing as articles that I have written 2 years are still rewarding me for my efforts.

  2. Justin says:

    I agree 100%. It isn’t that the paid survey sites are scams but that they have overinflated income claims coupled with the fact that you have to pay for access to things you could find on your own for free. People get caught up wanting easy money. There is no such thing, but if you are willing to put in the work then the real ticket is in marketing your own ideas through the internet with a program like wealthy affiliate.

    • Jane says:

      I totally agree with you. Yes there are ways to make money fast but most will require you to do something that’s not very legit or pump in cash for it to work. I really dislike those over inflated claims and when people complains, the owners will point them to the disclaimer “this is not your typical results”.

      What I really like about affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate is, after I have written an article, it is live and I can earn from it forever (as long as my site is up). Way more legit and lower cost than paying for scam after scam.


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