Happy 2018! It has been a long time since I’ve posted and visited Income Jane. I have been really busy at work and projects and it has been a very difficult year for me in 2017. I realized my last Niche Site Challenge update was in the 2nd quarter of 2015. I can’t believe that almost 3 years have passed so pardon me as I ramble on a little. This blog post is meant to be informal and just a sharing of my personal journey.

There were many ups and downs in these 3 years and I discovered quite a bit about people, the MMO industry, myself and succeeded in 3 things that I’m pretty proud of.
1) I graduated from my masters program with pretty good grades (work industry related)
2) I reached a milestone for my niche site that I started with a good friend in late 2016
3) I have finally found my 3-pronged approach to passive income after going through many knocks, bumps, scams and trial and error.

3-Pronged Approach to Passive Income
As I dived into the inner workings of online businesses and have looked into ways I could build income streams or passive income, I developed my own 3-pronged approach to passive income. Having tried various income making strategies, I realized these 3 avenues listed below are the most suitable for me.

1) Affiliate niche sites
2) Dropshipping
3) MLM online business

Yes, I’m sure some of you are frowning at 2 and 3 by now. Let me share with you my reasons for choosing them based on my evaluation criteria:
1) Hands-free: It can be outsourced and scaled
2) Low startup cost
3) Provides passive income that grows over time
4) Easy to manage at my own time and convenience

Affiliate Niche Sites
I’m sure affiliate niche sites need no introduction. I view affiliate sites as online real estate. It might be quite painful in the beginning when you are looking for people to outsource it to or if you are doing the writing yourself. However, once your earnings grow, you can outsource the site for others to run it for you. It is easy to manage and I can do this at my own time. I will be sharing my progress report after writing about my other 2 income streams that I will be building in 2018.

I chose to add this to my passive income approach because I found a mentor who developed a strategy where I do not have to be involved in the day-to-day operation of it. It’s hard work in the beginning but once it’s outsourced, it can be scaled and it’s hands off for me.

MLM Online Business
Firstly, I am anti-MLM. I dislike the fact that only the top guys earn it all and most people who join do not make anything out of it. I had a friend who joined a certain company and lost 4-digits in about 6 months because of the expensive trainings, membership fees and the purchasing of products that she did not need. I was really mad that she joined that MLM and lost more than she could afford to. In fact, she blamed herself really hard for it too. If you want to read the reasons I am anti-MLM, click here to read my post about it.

When my buddy tried to introduce the MLM she joined to me, I ignored it because I had such a bad impression of MLM. I read about some of the famous MLM companies previously and knew quite a number of people who lost money and friendships because of it. My cousin is in Amway and tried to recruit me a long time ago but failed (obviously). However, during a meal with my best bud, she shared how that particular MLM worked and she/the company won me over.

It was different from the other MLM companies in a couple of ways.
1) There is NO joining/membership fees. FREE membership!
2) There is NO renewal or monthly fees
3) There is NO monthly spend or autoship
4) There are NO expensive trainings to attend. If there are classes, they are FREE!
5) You can build unlimited levels for your downlines
6) The products are top quality and at low prices unlike many MLM companies that jack up their prices

Atomy is a Korean company, world supplier of health care (eg. HemoHIM), skin care, personal care and home care items of absolute quality at reasonable low prices. Atomy was founded in 2009 to distribute its herbal products that were produced by Kolmar BNH, which is a partnership between the Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) and Kolmar Korea.

KAERI is a Korea government institution established in 1959, is the first science and technology research institute in Korea to be mandated to achieve energy self-reliance through nuclear technology. Kolmar Korea is a public listed company in Korea, was founded in 1990, the earlier company to manufacture cosmetics in Korea. However, the first Kolmar is founded in 1921 in USA, and it is one of the earliest companies to develop research in nanotechnology in the world. You can read more about Atomy in this post of why I think it is a great way to build passive income for the long-term.

Since the company sells daily use home/beauty/functional food products, all I had to do was change the supermarket brand items I use to theirs. For example, I bought their toothbrush for S$1.50 each when a similar one would cost S$4.50 if I purchased it in a supermarket. In short, I will buy what I need and if the opportunity arises to share about it, I would.

Here is a video that introduces Atomy a little more.

And here is a video sharing on the products that Atomy carries.

If you are interested to find out more about their products or to join Atomy as a business, please leave me your contact information in the Google form. I will contact you as soon as possible.

Affiliate Niche Site Progress Report
In July 2016, I started a niche site with my buddy (mentioned above). In June that year, I managed to convince my buddy that affiliate niche sites could be a great passive income source once it takes flight.

With her as a newbie to affiliate niche sites, we decided to learn from one person and focus on his methods until we succeed. Around that time, Tung Tran from Cloud Living launched his own Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp course. We watched it together almost every weekend and followed the steps closely.

We narrowed it to a single niche that I had an existing domain name for using the niche research strategy in the training. With the niche in place, we tried to look for writers from forums, upwork and facebook groups. It was challenging and it took us a couple of months of testing before we found suitable writers.

We posted our first article in Aug 2016 and made our first dollar 2 days before December. Since our first dollar, we managed to make our first sale.

Ironically, after we had our first sale, we were extremely busy and did not work much on our site. However, our profit started to grow as our traffic grew organically. Then, we had about a 70/30 ratio for commercial vs informational posts.

Realising that our income was growing with us doing nothing, we decided that we should pick up the site where we left off and we started building on it again. We started doing white hat outreaching via epic posts, guest posting and awards bait.

With months of outreach and the posting of some new content, we managed to cross the $1000 mark!

This year we are aiming to bring the site to $5000. So here are some lessons I’ve learnt while building my site.

1) Never give up!
2) Have an accountability buddy or work with someone who has the same wavelength as you.
3) Stay away from shiny objects. Jumping from 1 strategy to the next is not going to be very helpful.
4) Remember number 1.

I think 2018 will be a very exciting one and I aim to completely replace my salary with my 3 pronged approach. Of my 3 approaches, the strategy that I’m most excited about currently is the MLM business with Atomy. It has the most potential for long-term passive income and I love the fact that it is win-win-win for all parties.

I seriously hate selling stuff and anti-MLM. I’m probably the worst salesperson you can ever meet. However, Atomy has great products and this business is so doable. I’m not exaggerating but everyone I have spoken to have signed up because of the products or the great business opportunity. Please fill up the form if you have even a slight interest in it! Click here to learn more now!

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions! 🙂

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