Spy Visit ReviewWebsite: SpyVisit.com
Price: $1 for a 7-day trial, $12 (basic) – $97 (enterprise)
Support: Email
Overall Rank: Highly Recommended

What is Spy Visit all about?

Have you wondered why your website is not converting visitors into buyers?

Or have you ever wanted to find out how your visitors are engaging with your website?

I have good news for you. Now you have a legit and accurate way of doing so with Spy Visit. Now you can spy on your visitors and know exactly how they are engaging with your website. Most importantly, find out if they are clicking on the links you want them to click on and converting into customers.

Spy Visit is a web analytics tool that allows you to see detailed user sessions, heat maps, your most popular pages and more. In addition you can see what visitors do on your website using real-time visitor recordings that is not provided by Google Analytics.

In this SpyVisit review, I will be going into as much detail as possible since I have been using it for a couple of weeks now.

TL;DR Review

Spy Visit is a lean mean web analytics tool that allows you to see detailed information on how visitors are engaging with your website. If you are wondering why your site articles are not converting to sales, this tool works great as you can see how each visitor is responding to your site.

Or if you want to improve on your site to make it more visitor friendly or split test how visitors respond to the changes, Spy Visit provides you with detailed results that you can analyse.

Personally when I tried it, I found some areas that I had to improve on. For example, I found out that I had tons of clicks on an outdated link! I was leaving money on the table and did not realise it.

Also I found out that one of my reviews was not doing well and people were not clicking on my links. Yikes! I might change it to an infographic instead of the usual plain boring text.

Overall, I will highly recommend Spy Visit. Once you understand your visitors’ interactions with your site, you can easily optimize your website to capture that lead or sale. If you are interested to increase your sales, leads and click-through rate, click here to start your 7-day trial now!

What does Spy Visit do?

Spy Visit tracks the behaviour of every single visitor that lands on your website through a variety of ways as shown in the image below.

SpyVisit Functions

Let’s talk about the functions one at a time…

1. Visitor Mouse Movements Recording and Real Time Reporting

You will be able to play a recording of exactly what your reader had done on your website and his mouse movements. If your reader was on your site for 2 minutes, you can see exactly what he did for those 2 minutes.

For example, I could see that a reader was skimming through the review quickly but slowed down at the verdict and recommendations section.

SpyVisit Real Time Reporting

After reading, he clicked on the link as shown in the screenshot above.

2. Detailed User Sessions

If you do not want to look through the entire recording of what your reader did, you can check out the detailed user sessions of the posts/pages they visited.

SpyVisit User Sessions

In the example above, I can see that those 3 visitors found my site through Google and the exact posts they visited. It’s awesome to see that they are reading more than 1 post and taking some time to do so.

Just a click on the red icon with the triangle, I will be able to view the visitor’s mouse movements and real time recording.

3. Scroll Heatmaps

From this heatmap, you will be able to see the percentage of visitors who read your entire article or at any point to be exact.

For example, in my stock photo guide, I realised that I made the right decision to include a link to my top recommendation after the introduction.
SpyVisit Scrolls Heatmap
88% of people saw that link and that resulted in a good number of clicks as shown in the clicks heatmap. This is useful information as I want to ensure that readers will get to see at least 1 link to my top recommendation.

So if you are wondering why people are not clicking your affiliate link that is at the bottom of a long review, could it be that only a small percentage of people read to the end of your article?

4. Clicks Heatmaps

In the clicks heatmap, it will show you where you readers have clicked on. This is useful for feedback on the quality of the article or review.

From the example below, I can see that the link received a couple of clicks.

SpyVisit Clicks Heatmap

If you are wondering how this feature can be useful, here’s an example.

If I am selling a juicer and nobody is clicking on the link, it could be that my review is not compelling enough. Or if I see people clicking on the images of that review that leads nowhere and not the text affiliate link, I might want to embed the affiliate link in the image instead to capture those leads.

5. Eye Tracking Heatmaps

For this heatmap, you can find out where you are getting the most eyeballs for each article. It is useful when you want to find out if the image you use or text is capturing the audience’s attention.

For example, in my stock photo guide, I can see that the prices of stock photos are capturing my readers’ attention. That is great because I wrote that guide for that purpose. I wanted to help my readers make informed decisions and personally I wanted to find the best deal for my sites too.

Using the same example as the clicks heatmap, the orange font and bold words did work after all. It did capture the readers’ attention.

SpyVisit Eye Tracking Heatmap

6. Popular Pages

With Spy Visit, you can also find out what are the most popular pages on your site and the duration the visitors are staying on each page. This is useful because some popular posts you can easily create new content from existing posts.

SpyVisit Most Popular Pages

7. 100% Google Analytics Compatibility

Spy Visit is a great addition to Google Analytics for the features mentioned above. You don’t have to worry that Spy Visit would screw up your data.

In fact, it works hand in hand with Google Analytics although I have not referred to Google Analytics since I’ve installed Spy Visit.

What support is provided?

Spy Visit provides email support. I have emailed them a couple of times and they were very responsive in responding to my queries (less than 6 hours for most of them).

It also has a tutorial that covers the installation and features of the tool. It was sufficient enough for me to get started.

What I Liked

1) Easy to set up – The set up was as simple as pasting the code in WordPress. Step by step instructions were provided for technically challenged people like me. It was simple enough. *Sigh of relief*

2) Detailed visitor information – Spy Visit works in tandem with Google Analytics and provides very detailed data on each visitor to my website.

3) No more guesswork – I do not have to guess if my article converts well anymore or if my readers are clicking on the links. Just a few clicks and I’ll have that information. For articles and links that don’t convert, I can optimise it by changing the text or the format of display and test it out.

4) 30-days, 100% money back guarantee – It’s always good to have a money back guarantee to fall back on if I’m not satisfied with the tool.

What I Disliked

There really is nothing much to dislike about this tool. It is focused on spying on your visitors and provides you with great information. I did not face any technical difficulties and the tool was well designed to do its task of spying.

Maybe the only thing I can mention is that Spy Visit is a paid tool.

What’s the price?

Spy Visit has 4 plans available at the moment:

SpyVisit Pricing
Currently Spy Visit is running a 20% discount promotion. With the following rates:
BASIC: $12/month (originally $15)
PLUS: $27/month (originally $35)
PRO: $47/month (originally $60)
ENTERPRISE: $97/month (originally $125)

If you need to spy on 1 website, the BASIC plan will be suitable for you. If you have multiple websites that are not too massive, the PLUS option will be a suitable option for you. Otherwise, you might want to consider the PRO or ENTERPRISE versions.

As an affiliate marketer with multiple websites, the PLUS option is the most suitable one for me. They offer a $1 for a 7-day trial and it’s a good way to try out this tool.

The Verdict

Spy Visit does what it supposes to do very well. If you want to improve your click through rates, sales, leads and site engagement, this tool is for you. They provides multiple packages which are suitable for all website owners including affiliate marketers, product owners, Adsense users and many more!

I highly recommend Spy Visit for web analytics when you want to improve or boost your sales or leads conversion.

If you are ready to optimize your website for better results or want to view a demo of the tool, click here now!

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10 Responses to Spy Visit Review – Increase Sales, Leads and Click-Through Rate WITH LESS traffic!

  1. Brian says:

    I must say, that is a very interesting review of spy visit. I had no idea that even existed until I read this review. I think it would be quite useful for my website as I’m definitely struggling to make any kind of affiliate sales. Only revenue I’ve generated since I’ve had my website in operations is a little over $2.00 and that’s just from Google AdSense ads. I like how you say it complements Google Analytics. I might just give it a try and see if it can help me improve my site to try and get some sales.

    • Jane says:

      Hey Brian, I am glad you liked my Spy Visit review. This tool will definitely be useful for you. You can see how your visitors are responding to your website and would help in optimizing your articles for better conversions. If you need any assistance with the tool, feel free to comment and I’ll see how I can help you out.


  2. Kim says:

    Wow. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of Spy Visit. This tool is simply ‘Gold’ for every affiliate marketer out there who want to increase conversion on their sites.

    What really impresses me about it is the fact that you’re actually ablt to see the exact mouse movements and scroll patterns of your visitors.

    Thanks for reviewing, I am definitely going to get this for all of my affiliate sites. Being able to tweak you site according to visitor behaviour, and increase leads and sales without generating more traffic, is simply awesome.

    • Jane says:

      Hey Kim, I’m glad you found my review and Spy Visit useful. I was pretty surprised at the details Spy Visit could provide in a legit manner. The scroll patterns actually confirmed what experienced marketers have told me about the importance of having eye catching content above the fold.

      I’ll be looking forward to hearing about your experiences with Spy Visit. Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Jon M says:

    Much like everyone else I had no idea that this was even possible until I read this review, I have been in the business a while now so you would think that I would have heard about it before.

    Great review, I will have to check into this and see if it is right for me and my website, sounds pretty cool and you do a nice job explaining what its all about.

    • Jane says:

      Thanks for stopping by Jon and I’m glad to know that the Spy Visit review explains the features well. If you have been in the business for awhile, SpyVisit will be really good to help you optimize your website for better conversions. I would love to hear your experience with the software if you decide to test it out. 🙂


  4. Julius says:


    very informative and thoughtful article. I’ve heard about this before but until now never actually thought about buying it. It looks amazing, and features are great as well. But I think that a thing like this probably has very negative impact on loading speed, or am I mistaken?

    Thanks for your answer!

    • Jane says:

      Hi Julius, thank you for the compliment. That is an excellent question about the loading speeding.

      The good news is, SpyVisit will not slow down your website at all. SpyVisit’s script works like how Google Analytics works. You will have to put a line of javascript code in the header and all the resources and coding will run on SpyVisit’s server instead of your server. That means it will not take any resources on your server at all.

      Hope this clears things up. 🙂


  5. Chris says:

    I really like the idea of having a heatmap handy for checking out where most of my visitors land (or spend a lot of time!).
    Surely this sort of tool will open up all kinds of new doors for your conversions.
    I love it when companies like this offer a cheap trial – $1 is excellent for an entry price!

    • Jane says:

      Hey Chris, yes it’s a really useful tool. I’m a sucker for $1 trials too. It’s a great way to try out new services.

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