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From prolific global companies like Amazon to specialty online boutiques, pretty much every online business worth something has its own particular affiliate program, letting advertisers procure a commission or income offer at whatever point they acquire another lead or make a deal.

Affiliate marketing doesn’t require you or other affiliates to offer your own particular items or services up for sale; you just place the company’s affiliate links or advertisements on your own content, and when other people who view your content click on the link or ad, you earn revenue from the company because you’re helping to drive visitors to their sites.

You are called an affiliate because, in plain terms, you’re affiliated with the company when you’re helping it advertise whatever it sells. You earn commission based on the sale value of the product your affiliate link is directed to. Companies benefit because they reach larger markets, and you profit because you help them in a way that really doesn’t take much time.

If you like the idea of earning residual income simply by promoting a product, consider signing up for an affiliate program with a larger, better-known company. These partnerships are easier to obtain, and once you have experience with them you can approach smaller businesses and work out different terms for working with them.

Gain familiarity with the system by applying with a top affiliate program, and you’ll be on your way to earning cash in no time.

Commission Junction

CJ affiliateCommission Junction (also known as Affiliate by Conversant) has an immense selection of offers, including various exclusive products you won’t discover anyplace else, and the company’s marketing reaches millions of people every month.

It provides opportunities for affiliates and for inventors or sellers who are searching for a broader customer base; in essence, Commission Junction unites the two sides and facilitates transactions between them. You can easily join as an affiliate for lesser-known brands, but larger brands that Commission Junction represents often need to approve you as a promoter before you can start earning an income from advertising.

The commission rates paid depend on the particular client’s products, so you might not start off earning a ton of money, but there is plenty of potential for growth.

Share A Sale (SAS)

shareasaleShareASale is another affiliate network with offers in many niches. It offers leads, deals, and even clicks as options for the ways in which you earn money, so you have quite a few choices available when deciding your approach.

In general, the commission earnings are pretty liberal, which equates to higher payouts for you, but this absolutely relies on the publicist and the item you’re promoting. SAS has an immense pool of promoters and many great items to browse.

The drawback is that numerous sites are rejected, so if your site, blog, YouTube channel, or social media profile isn’t a decent one according to SAS’s evaluations, it’s possible that you might not be offered an affiliate position. One bonus is that signup is easy, and you can earn around 50 percent commission on items purchased from your links. In addition, you can recruit other affiliates and earn commission on their purchased products.

Amazon is the world’s biggest online retailer, and their member system is, fittingly, the world’s most famous associate project (It’s my favourite!).

Amazon offers you a commission of up to 10 percent for direct purchases on specific items. There are other benefits to Amazon’s program. However, above all else, it’s controlled by one of the world’s most trusted organizations, giving you the certainty that your bonuses will be paid out on time.

Second, Amazon’s gigantic item range of products means that its member system is suitable for a huge assortment of advertisers and bloggers. Whether you want to link to gaming supplies or dog shampoos, you can procure commission on pretty much any kind of item. Because Amazon stocks such a huge product range, you can increase your earning potential by linking a wide variety of items instead of just linking one or two through another affiliate program.

Lastly, Amazon’s partner system is incredibly easy to join and considerably less demanding to oversee once you’re up and running with links. From following codes to compiling receipts, Amazon’s online interfacing makes managing your profit, installments, and change rates easy, so you always know what’s going on.



The eBay Partner Network is similar to Amazon’s affiliate program, with commissions paid to affiliates in light of the business they create.

Like Amazon’s program, the eBay Partner Network is perfect for bloggers and site managers that represent considerable authority in a specific specialty or item. Because eBay has such a gigantic stock of items, you can advertise just about anything.

One point of interest in eBay’s associate system is that it pays you a 200% reward for purchases made by new customers.

Rakuten LinkShare

Rakuten LinkshareRakuten LinkShare is somewhat similar to Commission Junction and Amazon on the grounds that they offer a number of specialty items for you to choose from, but their selection is not as immense as Amazon’s or eBay’s.

One of the benefits of LinkShare is that you can get paid as soon as you earn $1; there isn’t a $100 threshold you have to meet before your earnings are disbursed like there is on other sites.

LinkShare’s website is also very user friendly and is organized well. You can search for products from the easily navigable drop-down menus, and the user guide is extensive in case you want to learn to use the system thoroughly.

More Niche

More NicheMore Niche is last on the list, not because it doesn’t compare as well to the other listings, but because it is a niche network that won’t be of use to you if you don’t have an advertising platform that the specific niches address.

If you do cover a very specific topic in your blog, however, the chances are high that you’ll find the right products to post on this site. In particular, More Niche’s offerings encompass plenty of health, beauty, and weight-loss products, and there are also various UK-based sites listed here so you can draw global traffic.

This company also guarantees your commissions, so even if the promoter doesn’t pay More Niche, you still receive your earnings for all the traffic you directed to the promoter’s site. Earnings vary from a 30% commission for new orders to a 15% commission for repeat orders from the same customer.

Make Money Online Affiliate Program

Wealthy Affiliate LogoIf you are interested in a make money online affiliate program, you should check out my number #1 recommendation. They have an excellent online affiliate program that can provide you with recurring income. You can read my review of Wealthy Affiliate here. Other than the affiliate program, they provide state-of-the-art hosting, free websites and over the shoulder training.

All in all, there is a lot of money in affiliate ads. It is true that while you learn the ropes you might be making next to nothing but this isn’t a reason to give up. If you have good, targeted traffic, affiliate offers are your best bet. Join the networks on the list, find suitable offers, start promoting them, and chances are you will make decent money with this.

What are your favourite online affiliate programs? Share it with us!

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  1. Anthony says:

    Great post. There are certainly a lot of ways to generate an income online. Thanks for pointing out how some of the programs are much better than others on the commission rates too.

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    Awesome list Jane! I’m not the biggest fan of Commission Junction but I would recommend any newbies trying out Amazon Associates. Easy to use, not to much red tape and a popular/trusted site!
    Great article – keep up the good work 🙂

    • Jane says:

      Thanks Chris for sharing your views! Amazon Associate is awesome and I am a big fan of it! Like you mentioned, it is trusted and easy to your account get approved. Commission Junction is great if you want to work directly with the big players or work with specific niche suppliers. However, it is not as easy to get approved.


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